5 W 3 M

Unable to paint after a fraud derails her career, Dahlia Kim, a Korean-American painter, leaves Chicago. Despite protests from her friend Ezra, she accepts a job at a community college in the Panhandle to provide for her mother, suffering from dementia , and her sister, in love with a racist marine. There, she falls in love with Rosa Ramirez, a Mexican-American rancher, tutors a troubled girl called Mandy and learns the secret of the girl’s grieving father, Walter. Against the backdrop of vast blue sky and rusty canyons, Dahlia begins to realize her potential as a teacher, lover and an artist.



3 W 3 M

Ilhan Yusuuf Warsame, a Somali high school student living in Minneapolis, is at the loneliest point in her life. Her best friend just abandoned her, and her mother works overtime at the hospital. She has no one to turn to. Suddenly, she starts having visions of Dika, a Romani refugee boy who just got deported. She exchanges letters with Tina, an Inupiaq woman living in a settlement in Alaska's High Arctic region, slowly getting swallowed up by the rising sea levels. The play is about refugees, climate change and what happens when people, who feel the most alone on earth, find others.