‘Voices from the Roanoke River’ is a documentary theater performance that interweaves interviews from the residents of the Roanoke Valley with the poetic text that imagine what the River would say back. It explores the issues of filling in the riverbanks, flooding, storm water pollution, historical and colonial encroachment and human relationship with the Roanoke River. It was developed at Works on Water’s Governors Island Artist Residency and presented at Earth Summit 2018 (Virignia Western Community College) and Clean Valley Council’s 40th Anniversary Celebration (CoLab).

Created by Creative Traffic Flow, directed by DawN Crandell, performed by Jeesun Choi and Kristin Rose Kelly. Sound design by Nuni Borenstein. Text drawn from interviews with Grace Harwin (Environmental Educator for Clean Valley Council), Danielle DeHart (Environmental Specialist for the City of Roanoke Stormwater Division), Bill Tanger (Chairman of Friends of the Roanoke River), Anita J. McMillan (Planning and Zoning Director for the Town of Vinton), Susan Jennings (Arts and Culture Coordinator for the City of Roanoke) and Diane M. Stephenson (Native American Water Walker from Surry County).